Saturday, December 25, 2010

Should You Eat What Ever When Ever During The Holiday Season?

Many people become confused in the holiday season to which if its ok or not to eat that stuffing and extra piece of chocolate cake. I'm sure it can be a struggle to see your family baiting you on, just have a slice of cake, or pounds of mac and cheese, telling you "It doesn't hurt just get a little bit", or even just laughing about how good the food taste but you cant have any.

Well honestly my thoughts are that its not bad for you to eat the food you want, in fact it can be very healthy for you. Many fitness professionals, and other fitness enthusiast spend their year eating as healthy as they can, from counting carbs, calories, and anything else to keep there nutritional edge to the top of the game to keep a great body figure.

When you get a chance to take a much needed break from the stress and tensions of everything  on the fitness side, you could actually use the time re energize yourself to focus on your goals.

From my personal experience I would take my cardio sessions to the next level knowing what I just ate and could make use for some of the best workout sessions in awhile.

I think like I said earlier, simply put eating what ever during the holiday season is healthy and will better you more in the long term for you attitude on setting and achieving you're goals.
I hope this was some helpful information for anyone out there struggling to achieve their fitness goals.

Courtney Hall

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