Monday, January 10, 2011


Hello Folks,

This is my last post. I have uploaded a website and all of my future post will be on the blog page of my  website.

NeoPro Fitness is my Mobile In-home and Boot Camp Personal Fitness Training Business.
Its Based in the Dallas Fort Worth area, my programs help clients promote a healthier, more energetic and enjoyable lifestyle. NeoPro Fitness combines Nutrition, Motivation, and a variety of Exercises such as Calisthenics, Agility Drills, Running, and Total Body Workouts in a High-energy Environment.

Get FREE information on Weight Loss Programs, and and a FREE weekly Fitness Newsletter!

My exercise programs are Fun and Challenging , and they are designed uniquely for you. I will bring all of the fitness equipment that you need to experience your to get started!
If you are ready to take the first step toward a healthier and more vibrant you, email me today at
Farewell to, And Truly Welcome, To My WORLD of Fitness!
Courtney Hall
Personal Fitness Trainer & Owner of NeoPro Fitness

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