Monday, February 20, 2012

Tricks Of A Placebo Or A Diet Pill?

Many times when a person wants to lose weight, they quickly turn to some sort of diet pill for aid. Does this sound like you?

The pressure to stay fit in today’s life style is constant. Everyone wants to be thin. We all want “healthy” 6 pack abs that everyone sees the movie stars and athletes have. But of course, counting calories on a strict diet and simply exercising with all of today’s many technological benefits renders these things to be TABOO now.

Or so we think?

Psychologically, people take supplement because they think it works and mostly in my opinion, fall prey to the marketing schemes and testimonials that have us really wanting to “just try their product”. I believe, people think supplements help them achieve their results faster! WE ALL WANT THINGS FAST, AND WE ALL WANT EVERYTHING NOW!  It could be an herbal diet pill or some kind of man made synthetic pill that supposedly has been scientifically proven to work, and work FAST! This has us curious.

But go back to the last paragraph of this blog. What was the one key word that I used? It was PSYCHOLOGICALLY.

To my knowledge, any time someone begins a diet program, most quit because they think it’s too hard to continue, then later admit the reasoning was a poorly structured diet. They had no idea how to eat without starving their selves to lose weight correctly while staying full. So they started back eating hungrily. Does this also sound like you?
So next time you’re going to have a supplemental aid you think to yourself. You’ll go out and do research as you should to find the BEST diet pill on the market available, and this time since you’ve tasted defeat you’re going to stay committed no matter what.
Are we still on the same page?
After getting a diet pill and reading tons of reviews, you hear and read to take these pills with a STRICT diet and exercise program. Now heavily armed, so you think, you begin on the task at hand.

Three to six months later you’ve done it! You’ve succeeded your fitness goals, and all thanks to the diet pills, right? Wrong! Here’s why I believe so. You underestimated yourself and the strongest human ability that we have. YOUR MIND.

When you first tried to lose weight you failed because you didn’t have a plan, but until you bought the diet pill you had some kind of direction to where you wanted to go. After reading up on how great the pills purchased were, you found HOPE, which grew into CONFIDENCE, then later turned into WILL POWER. All of these feelings were in conjunction to your mind having the strength to over power the insecurities of your previous defeat.

What does this mean? Am I saying that diet pills work as a new aged placebo? YES!!

You could have achieved this accomplishment with out it; you choose to increase your confidence by adding a supplemental aid to reach your results. Something that you have in common with every review that you came across was that you knew to follow a STRICT diet and exercise plan while on the diet pills. And because you made a financial investment on these pills, this shows that you would have the determination to do what ever it took to make your fitness dreams come true. A psychological war took place.

The only thing that you had possibly as an added benefit was increased energy, to do the things that you sought after, maybe that! Diet pills are a placebo that has low amounts of ingredients added to a mixed blend of sugar or rice called a proprietary blend. The amount of money that you spent for the RAW METARIAL in each pill was possibly less than 1% and these ingredients that you wanted could have easily been consumed in a better quality by the healthy foods we eat.

As I conclude, this blog isn’t about you NOT buying supplements, nor was it about falling prey to market strategies, but to make you aware of the abilities your mind has. God made us great, and we have the ability to do ANYTHING we focus on accomplishing. Tap into what you really want to do, then apply your focus to your goals, build up your confidence by witnessing your results along the way, and let your mind lead the way.

Courtney Hall
Fitness Trainer

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