Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fitness Products, Fact, Fiction,or Fads! ShapeUps?

In today's world of products, there are two things that people really only care to

know. One is how much the product cost, and two if the product actually works for your wants and needs.

This ideal for a topic comes from a client of mine, who would like to know if a product called ShapeUps, really work. Now, I'm not one to bash a product but I will provide some helpful information that I think would show credibility of this product to which, not if it only works for you, but also how you can use it in your fitness life for simple results. After all, your paying the company Skechers, for there product ShapeUps, to deliver what they claim.

Now I'm no scientist so being able to break down the engineered physics to what their theory is to why there shoes work, but I have checked out some reviews and article's about this product and have determined what they were trying to accomplish. First if you were planing on burning fat and losing weight I can honestly tell you that those results aren't typical, why is because its not the product that's going to help you lose weight its the "nutritional factors" of how you eat but that's another subject for later.

But I enjoyed researching this product, it was a fun subject to write about. There was a lot of back and forth on many things, but I have come up with a theory of my own. Another thing is, not everything is about just losing weight. You also want to tone up which means to add muscle, and increase posture. Both are important and is needed for daily living.

The short answer, ShapeUps can diffidently help!

ShapeUps help to "IMPROVE POSTURE", you need good posture to stay balanced on unstable surfaces. It also helps to "STRENGTHEN YOUR AB MUSCLES" Balance requires core strength, and ab muscles are the key of your core muscles. Doing exercises with balancing on these shoes, or even simply walking should strength your core (and thus your abs). You can also expect to over time receive "TONED THIGHS", "CALVES", and "FIRMER GLUTES". (Which is your butt).

My conclusion is this, bottom line these shoes will indeed over time help tone your legs and core which will also strengthen them. ShapeUps goes beyond mere walking so it can indeed be a great tool to use in succeeding with your "Long-term" goals. I hope this information was helpful to any and all who wanted to know if they should buy a pare of ShapeUps, or win a debate, well here was the info,

you decide.

Courtney Hall

* Pictures are a product and trademark of Sketchers ShapeUps. I am not endorsing there product.

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