Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New 2011 To ALL...Happy Goal Year?


For those of you who don't know me, I'm Courtney Hall and again happy New Years! Wow, is it here already? The first day to the Year, 2010 is dead and gone and we now live in the year 2011! But my reason for doing the is because with 2011 being here, that means its time for change, and a couple of things has been brought to my attention.

It seem that everyone I talk to, has a New Years Resolution and is very excited about it, Like many before right? But many are really happy about this one "This is the year", they say. And to many I ask, what could it be to make this year so special and better than any year before?

And most would reply- "I don't know, lose weight, but im super serious this time"! And others, "Quit smoking I hate it, this cancer stick is killing me" they say. And then, there are some who wish not have one due to the fact of not succeeding ever in any of there previous resolutions they just are going to do things better this year.

Well your right, this year IS different, for most of you, and for me, this year will be very different! And here is why, you've probably never had any one to grab you by the hand almost, to motivate you and say " Come on, you can do this", You WILL succeed and I'll show you the way. Someone who wont allow you to fail this year, having goals and setting them are very important! Because this year, I'm going to help, there are many serious goal that WILL be accomplished this year in 2011!

Although, today is the first of the year, and for your resolution if you have one, you are more motivated now than ever to accomplish it. But as many of you know it will get harder and when It does, I'll be there for you!

So where or what is the help you ask?

For those of you who have a New Year Resolution, here is where I can help. If its to lose weight, that being 10, 20 or even 50 or more pounds. Then you know I can help because yes I'm a Fitness trainer, but due to the clients time, finances, and location, I am only limited to the people that my services presences it self to. But No worries I still can help. And always there are others who simply want people to give them a tool for self help, so that they could do things on there own, and that's okay..I still can help.


If your someone that only will allow yourself to be help just enough to where you can help your self, I also want you to succeed at your weight loss goals and or any other goals you may have. Now everyone pay close attention!

* If your goals are to "Lose Weight This Year", and you want the simple tool that will aid your success go here

* If your goal is to "Quit Smoking This Year" then yes I want to help you with that too, I want you to be successful in all healthy areas of life. So for a simple tool go here

* Any body still hung over from drinking to much from the new years? I know many of you may want to quit drinking as well or learn to drink more socially, I'm sure you tell yourself why you keep doing this to yourself, hugging the potty bowl, throwing up everywhere..its not attractive. So if that's you go here

Remember, I'm here to only give you tools for you to succeed, if you are going to start to make a change for the new you in 2011, It begins NOW, as said in the Matrix movie..." I can only show you the door, You have to be the one to walk through it!"

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I'm walking through!!! Great Post! Looking forward to following your journey!!!