Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why It's A "Must" To Warm Up Before A Exercise

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  When It comes to exercise how many people want to go straight into a workout program before doing a warm up? Isn't that everyone? Even I dislike doing a warm up. Do you sometimes tell yourself, "I'm not gonna get hurt, why do you need to do a warm up, I will do it next time".

  Do you ever wonder why you get so sore after a great workout? How about why you get so sore even after doing a simple exercise? I'm sure its a yes to both questions I presume. Its because you didn't properly prepare your body for what its about to do. Its like giving it a rude awaking.
Think of you just jumping into a cold swimming pool while still dry, yes sometimes you want to get it over with I understand, but you know the waters going to be cold, so the best thing you can do is find ways to prepare yourself for the chill of the cold water that you are about to experience, its the same concept when you're about to work out.                                           

  In today's blog I'm going to give you some tips on how you can prepare yourself before a exercise. First a effective warm up also has a positive effect on increasing your heart rate. This increases blood flow, which in turn increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the working muscles. All this helps to prepare the muscles, tendons and joints for more strenuous activity.

  There are more added benefits with warming up before a workout, when warming up you also make your body burn more calories(stored fat) as well. When your body is moving its starting a heating process early and when your body warms it increases its calories expenditure to keep up with the demand of the workout, so thus you end up with more fat burned at the end of your workout.

  Also, Warming up will also prevent you from accidentally injuring yourself in the exercise. When your muscle fibers warm that also become more flexible, so what ever the demand you give it, depending on your fitness level your body should be ready for your up coming exercise.


  By Stand with your feet together begin with lift your knees high,and alternate with your legs. Pump your arms with your knees coming up as you continue to march in place. The higher you can lift your knees the better the warm up. Continue marching in place for 3 minutes for this warm up exercise.

  Stand with your feet about shoulder with apart keep your arms at your sides. Then begin to roll your shoulders forward in a circle. Do this for 30 seconds. Afterwards, roll your shoulders back in a circle for another 30 seconds do for 2 sets( do workout twice ).

  For the last warm up stand with your feet again shoulder with apart. Slightly bend your knees, then sit back like your sitting into chair with your chest pressed forward, stop where the bottom of your leg and the souls of your feet make a 90 degree angle to the ground like a backward L-shape. Then slowly come back up. You can do this with your arms raised, or with weight being help in your hand down to your sides. Perform 10 squats for the 3 sets.

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