Sunday, December 26, 2010

6 Simple Tips You Can Use To Stay Healthy For The New Year!

1. Eat Breakfast - You want to jump-start your metabolism right away in the morning, within 60 minutes of waking up, if possible. Would you take your car out without fuel in it? Well we should treat our bodies the same way. Studies show people who eat a healthy breakfast that is packed with protein and whole-grains, such as oatmeal or eggs and whole grain toast, lose weight quicker than those who eat a small non-nutrient dense breakfast.

2. Drink Water - water is the best way to cleanse our systems. It keeps us hydrated. Especially if you are drinking alcoholic beverages, make sure you drink water as well. During the winter months our skin tends to be drier and water helps keep it moist.

3. Cut Back on Alcohol - I am not saying to eliminate alcohol during the holidays but after celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's you might want to cut back for a little while. The calories from alcohol can add up quickly: Anywhere from 80-100 for a light beer or glass of wine to 400-600 for a specialty drink like eggnog.

4. Eat two small snacks a day - this helps keep your blood sugar steady throughout the day, eliminating the urge to overeat, especially when it comes to unhealthy foods. A plain yogurt with an apple or trail mix make wonderful healthy snacks.

5. Cook at home most of the time- When you are not going to holiday parties or dinners it is best to cook your meals at home. Restaurant dishes always have more calories, sugar, salt and saturated fat than we anticipate. Make easy and quick dishes if you don't have the time to really prepare a whole meal. Do your chopping on the weekends when things might be a little less hectic. This way everything is ready to go. Also make enough so you have a leftovers which you can use the following night or for your lunch. I personally find cooking is my downtime, relaxing!

6. Use herbs and spices as your condiment of choice - herbs and spices and nutrients to your food without extra calories. Don't be afraid to experiment. Using spices like Cinnamon and Cayenne pepper can be great for seasoning and could also be used a metabolism booster!

I hope this Information was helpful for you on reaching your goals for the new year!

Happy New Year!

Courtney Hall

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  1. Courtney,

    This information is very helpful. I have been eating much healthier for the past few months. With your guidance I have been looking forward to a fitness program in the new year, as well.

    Over the past two weeks with all the holiday parties, rushing around and visitors I have lost my routine (exercise and nutrition). I want to know how I can get back on track instead of continuing down this path! Can you help?