Monday, December 27, 2010

Super Fast Healthy Meals, With Little Time & Almost No Money!

Okay, Its finally noon, but you woke up late for work this morning and you was rushing just to make it to the 7 minute grace period before your late, the ONLY time you had was to wash your face, brush your teeth, put on your clothes and quickly get to your car, truck, or suv.

Then half way there you realized that your tight on funds today, and you could only grab a piece of fruit for breakfast this morning while scrambling to your vehicle!

What are you going to do now you thought, When lunch comes around your going to be hungry!

Well, here it is," lunch time " now FREEZE!!

Let me show you what you can do to keep up your healthy eating and not stop at that fast food joint around the corner. You have been doing so well, and some times we all are unprepared for the day. With little money and with little to no time, im going to show you how you can run to the closest food store and pick up lunch.

I'm not talking about a sandwich with chips ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a good meal.

Go to your favorite store and grab these items

1 Medium sized baked potato
Sour Cream, a small container of course.
A small container of Salsa
A small Melon
And a 12 oz water bottle of water

Next: Things you will need that hopefully your break room has, small knife and fork and a microwave, yep that's it.

1st.Of course warm the potato in the microwave.

2nd.While the potato is being made, slice the melon open and cut into chucks.

3rd.Once the potato is baked, slice it open and put in the Sour Cream and Salsa.

 4th. Enjoy with your bottle of water.

This meal is less than 320 Calories, and it will last until the end of your shift, and if you want you can even substitute the Melon for grapes.

I hope this helps you one day, now you can go back to work the meal was feeling, and you now have the energy to finish your day.

Courtney Hall

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