Saturday, April 21, 2012

So You Want To Burn Belly Fat?

If there's one question in common that every fitness profession receives, It's " How can I lose fat from my stomach"? This question is a great one. No matter where you go, movies you see, ads you come across, you see people...MEN and WOMEN, with a flat midsection. So, I understand the huge desire to want to look as such. I believe that we have been conditioned to WANT a flat stomach. It doesn't even have to be a 6-pack, a toned Mid-section will do. Before I really go into answering this type of question we first must realize what fat is on our bodies. Why is it actually there? We perceive it as a disgusting overhang so we want it gone!

FAT: This wonderful piece of undesired glory, is energy stored in our body. As we begin to eat, our bodies become accustomed to wanting more of it. The way the body works is it stores fat evenly through out the body, It doesn't pick a place, It doesn't care where it lays, It's carried by the body to a resting place to be stored for a later burn date. Think of our bodies as refrigerators. I don't want to go too much into fat cell anatomy but, fat cells are spread-ed out all over our bodies. No matter how large or skinny we are, these fat cells will always be there. When a person is over weight the fat cell are full and are creating new ones to keep up with the demand of storing fat. When these fat cells are empty, you simply don't have any fat in them so they don't appear invisible. Your fat cells will always be there rather you weigh 300 pounds or more and 150 pounds or less. This makes since not to over eat, because when fat cells are full they will multiply because there are no more room and will need new fat stores. FAT CAPITALISM LOL

Back to the question of deleting belly fat. After reading my thoughts from above, now you should know that fat is stored evenly through out the body. Since the body doesn't only store fat in the belly area, would it make since for our body to burn fat only from the belly area?

Lets think about this in a different way. Lets say a woman wants to add size (fat) to her butt or breast area, while staying slim in other areas. I'm sure many of you are saying now, her task that she wants to be complete is impossible because her genes tell here body's fat cells to go here, and not there, so she remains with smaller breast and butt while the rest of her body gains fat. With other women it's the complete opposite.

Simply, one can not spot reduce fat, just as one can not add fat in the body to certain areas. Our bodies don't work in this way. We may think we only carry most of our fat in our stomach but in actuality it's every where. You simply have more fat cells in your belly. One may have small legs, with a big belly. One may have a small belly with flabby arms. One may have flabby legs with a large belly and small arms with a small face. I know this information is hard to take because it is something that many people say. You simply just need to understand that this is fact. But, I wont let you down. I'm going to also tell you a few things you can do right now to lose belly fat.

Yes, I said belly fat. Did you catch that? The term used "Belly Fat" is a marketing term. One of the most over used terms available in the fitness industry. Why? Because no matter how much people here it, they will always hope and pray that this miracle pill, or diet plan that claims to lose "belly fat" will work for them. You've seen their so-called none biased scientific claims, their customer testimonies with the paid actor listed in the bottom screen. The term "Belly Fat" is an emotional marketing term. Nothing more. If you want to lose belly fat you must lose fat evenly through out your body That's it, It will come from the order it was stored in your body and you will slim down evenly. Have you ever seen a stage ready body builder will a 6 pack and a fat face?

Losing Fat: If you want to lose fat evenly you must listen to my next words and apply them into your everyday lives. You must forget what you thought you knew and listen to the truth that I and every other fitness profession has tried to explain to you. Sorry if this sounds harsh but this is the information that just is. Nutrition is the most important aspect. It's # 1, with out eating correctly you stand NO CHANCE in your "Belly Fat" loss battles. Here's your war, what you eat is just about 100% of your weight loss. Let me show you a quick example below.

Fat loss = The number of calories you burn is higher than the calories you take in. ( BURNED 2000 calories VS. EAT: 1700 calories = 300 Calories that will be taken from your body. )

Ladies and gentlemen, it's that simple. So if you put this into practice, you'll burn more calories eating healthy than you ever could spending hours in a gym while eating junk food.

Fact for your knowledge; "HOW TO BURN BELLY FAT" is this number 1 most searched term on Google....Marketing?


Monday, February 20, 2012

Tricks Of A Placebo Or A Diet Pill?

Many times when a person wants to lose weight, they quickly turn to some sort of diet pill for aid. Does this sound like you?

The pressure to stay fit in today’s life style is constant. Everyone wants to be thin. We all want “healthy” 6 pack abs that everyone sees the movie stars and athletes have. But of course, counting calories on a strict diet and simply exercising with all of today’s many technological benefits renders these things to be TABOO now.

Or so we think?

Psychologically, people take supplement because they think it works and mostly in my opinion, fall prey to the marketing schemes and testimonials that have us really wanting to “just try their product”. I believe, people think supplements help them achieve their results faster! WE ALL WANT THINGS FAST, AND WE ALL WANT EVERYTHING NOW!  It could be an herbal diet pill or some kind of man made synthetic pill that supposedly has been scientifically proven to work, and work FAST! This has us curious.

But go back to the last paragraph of this blog. What was the one key word that I used? It was PSYCHOLOGICALLY.

To my knowledge, any time someone begins a diet program, most quit because they think it’s too hard to continue, then later admit the reasoning was a poorly structured diet. They had no idea how to eat without starving their selves to lose weight correctly while staying full. So they started back eating hungrily. Does this also sound like you?
So next time you’re going to have a supplemental aid you think to yourself. You’ll go out and do research as you should to find the BEST diet pill on the market available, and this time since you’ve tasted defeat you’re going to stay committed no matter what.
Are we still on the same page?
After getting a diet pill and reading tons of reviews, you hear and read to take these pills with a STRICT diet and exercise program. Now heavily armed, so you think, you begin on the task at hand.

Three to six months later you’ve done it! You’ve succeeded your fitness goals, and all thanks to the diet pills, right? Wrong! Here’s why I believe so. You underestimated yourself and the strongest human ability that we have. YOUR MIND.

When you first tried to lose weight you failed because you didn’t have a plan, but until you bought the diet pill you had some kind of direction to where you wanted to go. After reading up on how great the pills purchased were, you found HOPE, which grew into CONFIDENCE, then later turned into WILL POWER. All of these feelings were in conjunction to your mind having the strength to over power the insecurities of your previous defeat.

What does this mean? Am I saying that diet pills work as a new aged placebo? YES!!

You could have achieved this accomplishment with out it; you choose to increase your confidence by adding a supplemental aid to reach your results. Something that you have in common with every review that you came across was that you knew to follow a STRICT diet and exercise plan while on the diet pills. And because you made a financial investment on these pills, this shows that you would have the determination to do what ever it took to make your fitness dreams come true. A psychological war took place.

The only thing that you had possibly as an added benefit was increased energy, to do the things that you sought after, maybe that! Diet pills are a placebo that has low amounts of ingredients added to a mixed blend of sugar or rice called a proprietary blend. The amount of money that you spent for the RAW METARIAL in each pill was possibly less than 1% and these ingredients that you wanted could have easily been consumed in a better quality by the healthy foods we eat.

As I conclude, this blog isn’t about you NOT buying supplements, nor was it about falling prey to market strategies, but to make you aware of the abilities your mind has. God made us great, and we have the ability to do ANYTHING we focus on accomplishing. Tap into what you really want to do, then apply your focus to your goals, build up your confidence by witnessing your results along the way, and let your mind lead the way.

Courtney Hall
Fitness Trainer

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The 1st Facebook Fan Page Fighting Childhood Obesity!

My Non-Profit Organization is now live, Courtney Hall's fight against childhood obesity is The Neo Pro Youth Fitness Awareness Association.

Be the first to change generations to come! Follow my Fan page. This community supported organization will begin in the Dallas area then expand greatly to around Texas then the United States. Be apart of this expanding movement to help kids struggling with there weight learn how to get fit, live healthier, and have more positive emotional views on life.

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Monday, January 10, 2011


Hello Folks,

This is my last post. I have uploaded a website and all of my future post will be on the blog page of my  website.

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Its Based in the Dallas Fort Worth area, my programs help clients promote a healthier, more energetic and enjoyable lifestyle. NeoPro Fitness combines Nutrition, Motivation, and a variety of Exercises such as Calisthenics, Agility Drills, Running, and Total Body Workouts in a High-energy Environment.

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Farewell to, And Truly Welcome, To My WORLD of Fitness!
Courtney Hall
Personal Fitness Trainer & Owner of NeoPro Fitness

Friday, January 7, 2011

Understanding The Basic's Of Weight Loss

Weight loss is such a powerful word huh?

Some would do terrible things to themselves or even to other people just to have the body of there dreams. Rather it being from plastic surgery to change there appearance, using surgery to change their insides to give a slight edge over weight loss, like  lap bands, tummy tucks, even a gastric by pass. If people only knew how easy it is to lose weight, they wouldn't spend thousands on having a doctor change them or hundreds on diet pills every month.

Not only am I a Personal Trainer, but for some of you who don't know me, I have also lost over 120 pounds, and while dieting may seem like pulling hair, its actually very simple. But before I start, you first should look in the mirror and see why you really would want to lose weight in the first place. Its easy to say that you want to lose a couple of pounds, but wheres your actions, why cant you do it? In order to be successful you need to find out what drives you, you're "blueprint" to weight loss success. Rather its for a recent relationship end, and to look great for your next relationship, or having the energy to play with your kids longer and see them age. It could even be a family vacation in 3 to 4 months that you want to look amazing for.What ever it is, you need to find your "Blueprint".

Now with this controlled energy source, you need to set some goals, I'm not talking to lose 20 pounds in a week goals, setting realistic goals. Short and long term goals, but first you must understand that it took you a while to put the weight on, it wont go away over night, and honestly, its not going anywhere in a week either. You must understand that for when your setting your goals, you should set them up to succeed and wanting to continue not fail and quit.

Think of your weight loss like being a farmer, if you where to go and plant seeds to harvest your crops for the following season, I'm sure that you wouldn't dig them up ever day or week because you don't see results. You would let them grow, but maintenance your crop along the way. Fat loss works the exact same way. If you are not seeing results by day don't quit, not seeing it by week don't quit, if your not seeing the results by the end of the month its also not a time to quit, these are times to get more focus. It takes a season of  proper maintenance to reap your fat loss goals.

Maintenance for proper fat loss is broken down into 2 categorizes, Diet and Exercise.

Most would never believe that proper weight loss equates to 80 to 90% diet and 10 to 20% exercise, but depending on which fitness professional you ask it is. It is so important to equate both into your weight loss plan for the best results, exercise determines your shape, and your diet determines your fat loss.

This word cause's so many arguments, because most feel that to diet is to use in a action. Meaning to stop eating, or to eat less, when its really not, it simply means every single thing that you eat. Yes, that right everything that you consume is your diet, and some people may have a very poor diet which is leading them down to a road call obesity.

Obesity is bad, its full of health problem, that can easily be prevented. Obesity is a rising killer among us and is so serious that its a close second to smoking. Obesity causes heart problems, high blood pressure,diabetes, and cancer and more.

Exercising is very important, it promotes bigger and stronger bones, and also muscles. Exercising can even reverse the effects obesity by 30% by the very 1st month, after 6 months of consecutive exercise you would have reversed the effects by over 60%.

The way we live today will cause by the year 2020 a 90% obesity rate in the US, that's 9 out 10 people. Please understand that we must change.

Tips For Success
I can give a couple of tips on how to start cutting fat today, beginning with your diet because its more complex, you must first stop doing the following. Number one, stop smoking, it does nothing for you, but causes cancer, I understand its not that simple to just go cold turkey but understand this. Your better off with out the cig sticks PERIOD.

Limit your drinking of alcohol, the fewer the better!

Take the number that you weigh and add a zero behind it. That's the number of calories you should consume a day in order for your body to function properly. That number is your daily caloric intake. So for example if you weighed 200 you should consume roughly 2000 calories a day.

That number that you came up with is very important, if you eat less than that amount, then you could have a serious problem. Your body has a calorie range that it needs to function. And when I say body I don't mean just to walk around and move, your brain, hearth, lung, intestines, etc needs calories to work. Calories are energy for the body, with out it you simply cant live.

If you are losing weight by consuming very low calories in your diet, your body is starving, you are actually losing its extra weight, which is water reserves to stay alive.

There is no way to lose weight by going under your normal calorie range because its water that your losing and over time your body will then turn to cannibalization and start eating it self which is the muscles and bones in your body just to stay alive. Your body likes fat, it is easier for it to hold on to its fat reserves before the water and muscle reserves.
Then later, if you where to fail at your very low calorie diet, your going to gain the weight back in double the time, and because fat is so dense it take up more space, so with little water and less muscle you have nothing to slow the spread of your body's storage of fat. And that is called Yo-Yo dieting.

In order to lose fat for good, you must trick your body in to never making it feel as if its starving. Your body doesn't care about losing fat, remember it likes it, so its main focus is to keep you alive. And it would do anything to keep you from death, so you starving yourself wont make you lose fat, it would only make your body hold on to it.

The secret is actually not a secret, its very simple.

Stay hydrated with water, your body doesn't know the difference from when its thirsty or hungry, so when you drink plenty of water you don't have to worry about eating when your not suppose to.

Eat 5 to 6 meals a day, with all the portions around same size, meaning don't eat a big breakfast, then small snack and larger lunch and so on, should keep your portions the same. And by doing so your body will continue to be feed with out feeling the urge of hunger.

While eating 5 to 6 meals a day make sure that your meals are spread out to every 2 to 3 hours.

Stay away from soda, sugar rich foods, and saturated fat and trans fat.

Exercising is very simple, just stay active, Ive said this millions of times, some activity is better than none, go walking, jogging, swimming, or join a boot camp like mine. What ever it is, just get your heart moving. That's called doing cardio, which means to exercise your cardiac muscle which is your heart. When your heart speeds up so does your metabolic rate, which is the rate at which you burn calories.

Build muscle by stressing your muscles to lift things, of course be safe and lift in proper form but weight lifting is a great tool to burning fat for the long term. The more muscle you have the higher your metabolic rate, so the more calories you burn over time.

Finally remember that this is a one, two punch at weight loss, and to do so, is a life change, you wont find success over night, and you wont find a answer in a wight loss clinic or supplement. At the end of the day, the answer lies in you.

I hope this information was helpful, and I hope I was able to clear up some confusion on this topic of weight loss somewhere. As always if you have any question please email me at

Thanks for reading, and thanks for the comments! Your the reason why I do this!

Courtney Hall